About Us

Pangea Design take pride in producing beautiful, eye catching interpretation and illustration for the environmental sector. With over 30 years of illustration and design experience in various fields, and with wildlife artist Tim Bernhard’s rich illustrative style we offer the best solution for print, interpretation and illustration, all with an emphasis on the natural world.

Tim Bernhard

Tim Bernhard

Illustration / Designer

After a youth roaming the hills of Hampshire in search of elusive species of… everything, Tim worked as a graphic designer for film and television in Bristol and later for TVS and Meridian in Southampton and GMTV in London. He has also worked as zoo artist and graphic designer for Marwell Zoological Park near Winchester.

He has had a profound interest in all aspects of natural history since childhood and his illustration can be found adorning many publications for a variety of wildlife organisations.


For a moment, nothing happened.
Then, after a second or so,
nothing continued to happen.